The Landgraabacy!

Liebster Award


Chapter 1.1: Founding Fathers

Chapter 1.2: All the Wrong Places

Chapter 1.3: The Who’s In Whoville

Chapter 1.4: All In a Day’s Work

Chapter 1.5: Hello Goodbye


Chapter 2.1: You Don’t Say

Chapter 2.2: The End of an Era

Chapter 2.3: Baby Boom

Chapter 2.4: In For a Penny

Chapter 2.5: Something Blue

Chapter 2.6: Close Enough


Chapter 3.1: Jarvis vs. Jarvis

Chapter 3.2: Cheaters Never Prosper

Chapter 3.3: To Boldly Go

Chapter 3.4: Revenge of the Fifth

Chapter 3.5: Singular Large Ecstatic Nuclear Unit

Chapter 3.6: Space Invaders

Chapter 3.7: Hat Trick 


Chapter 4.1: Out of Sorts 

Chapter 4.2: Open for Business

Chapter 4.3: Shivers and Swoons

Chapter 4.4: Time Flies


Chapter 5.1: Fancy Pants

Chapter 5.2: Mirror Mirror

Chapter 5.3: Super Classy

Chapter 5.4: Mean Green

Chapter 5.5: Grim Romance

Chapter 5.6: Finally Christmas

Chapter 5.7: Bearly Believable 

Chapter 5.8: Luck be a Lady

Chapter 5.9: Mischief Managed


Chapter 6.1: Hells Belles

Chapter 6.2: Belles and Whistles

Chapter 6.3: Bellisimo

Chapter 6.4: Bluebelles

Chapter 6.5: Saved by the Belle


Chapter 7.1: Something Cheesy This Way Comes

Chapter 7.2: The Yellow Wedding 

Chapter 7.3: It’s Not Easy Being Cheesy 

Chapter 7.4: Too Gouda to be True

Chapter 7.5: Caerphilly Crafted

Chapter 7.6: Better Brie-lieve It


Chapter 8.1: G’Day Sheila

Chapter 8.2: Roo To You Too

Chapter 8.3: A Pouch Full of Joeys

Chapter 8.4: Crikey Mate!

Chapter 8.5: Eat Your Vegemite

Chapter 8.6: Wobbly Wombats

Chapter 8.7: Koala Me Crazy

Chapter 8.8: Australian Shepard

Chapter 8.9: Tasmanian Devils



Chapter 9.1: Bring On The Night

Chapter 9.2: Once More, With Feeling

Chapter 9.3: The Harsh Light of Day

Chapter 9.4: What’s My Line

Chapter 9.5: Blood Ties

Chapter 9.6: I Only Have Eyes For You

Chapter 9.7: Conversations with Dead People

Chapter 9.8: Chosen


One comment

  1. So usually I just lurk on this site, but I thought I’d leave a comment and say hi! This is a very entertaining legacy and I enjoy reading it. I also discovered the Spare Adventures the other day and was most amused!

    Looking forward to more updates!

    Liked by 1 person

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